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 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our Lives
April 28, 2022

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our Lives

Benjamin, an AI bot who writes screenplays

Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn on Unsplash

When it comes to learning, AI is becoming as competent as a human brain and it is improving every passing day. AI is still in its teens and it may take another 20 years for this technology to be fully matured and regulated. But in some spheres, AI is still and will remain more capable than a human brain ever has been, this is where AI capabilities can be harnessed to make our lives more productive and comforting.

Here are 5 ways Artificial Intelligence will transform our lives in the future.

1. AI in medical science and Self-diagnosis.

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

AI-powered applications will soon make it possible to self-diagnose some life-threatening diseases like Tuberculosis (TB) and Cancers. Researchers at Stanford University have already made an algorithm that can screen X-rays for certain diseases. Take a picture of an X-ray from your mobile phone, upload the image, and a few seconds later you get the diagnosis.

In healthcare, AI is powering a revolution, scientists are using AI algorithms to sift through seemingly banal data such as the up & down motion of the steps we take every day; they’re looking for noticeable patterns that serve as early warning signs of disease. Data patterns recorded through the smartphone sensors can identify early symptoms of certain neurological disorders.

Scientists in the English city of Birmingham are working on a revolutionary diagnostic method; to date, there are no specific tests to detect Parkinson’s disease making diagnosis difficult. AI could change that, Max Little, a mathematician at Aston University, has made an application that uses vocal recordings to find early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This application uses voice changes which can be an early indicator of Parkinson’s’ disease.

2. AI in the kitchen and bot waiters.

We’ll soon be able to enjoy our favourite meals prepared and served by AI-powered chefs.

China has already leaped and aims to be the global leader in the field of artificial intelligence. Its capital Beijing is buzzing; the whole country is hungry for progress and is on a fast track to the future.

Last Year, china opened a restaurant operated entirely by robots, including droid waitresses, automated baristas, and AI-powered chefs. Foodom, the over 21,500 square feet restaurant was unveiled on June 22 in Foshan, Guangdong province of southern China. It can serve nearly 600 diners at once with hundreds of freshly prepared dishes. Customers can be served a robot-cooked meal as fast as 20 seconds after ordering.

Just orders the food, AI-Powered chefs will prepare your dishes behind opaque glasses and a droid waitress will serve you a platter of hot and freshly prepared food in a couple of seconds.

— Pretty crazy, huh?

3. AI in stores and cashier-less checkouts.

Photo by Imants Kaziļuns on Unsplash

The epicentre of the digital revolution — Silicon Valley. The tech. industry transformed the San Francisco Bay Area, new startup companies launch every day, rents have exploded and artificial intelligence is the buzzword.

A new type of supermarket recently opened its doors there, Amazon Go. All you need is an app, hold your mobile phone in front of the scanner, and you are in. Want to make a new dish? Don’t you know the ingredients? No worries! Voice assistant Alexa is there to help you out. Just grab the thing you want, walk out, and you get the bill in your amazon app. Simple! No more standing in line, no more cashiers, and no more time-wasting.

Amazon AI is smart enough to figure out what we are picking and what we put back on the shelf. Though, the store is in its trial phase. We may soon witness some Amazon Go stores popping out in our cities.

4. AI on roads and autonomous vehicles.

Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash

Huge corporations in the front lines Alibaba, Google, Tencent, Ford, Tesla, and Baidu are all battling to capitalize their algorithm and create the first truly autonomous road vehicle.

We have seen people putting their Tesla on self-driving mode and taking a break while the car keeps driving on the highway. Some YouTube videos also show people taking a nap in Tesla’s self-driving mode. We don’t know if it is currently safe or not but it is happening, co-founder & CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has said that Tesla is learning continuously, Tesla’s AI is not getting trained in a factory or a laboratory but it is learning from every customer who owns it. Tesla cars use a combination of sensors like Radars & cameras for self-driving but there is a whole new technology that is more advance and much costlier than sensors used by Tesla.

Lidar Scanner, a sensor that gives these autonomous vehicles power to drive on their own. This sensor emits and captures laser beams to measure the distance around its surroundings and when combined with AI, it can detect even a small cup of coffee placed anywhere near a vehicle. If you own an iPhone 12 then you already have the power of a lidar scanner, which can be used to do a lot of funny things like switching furniture in your guest room to know which combination would be best to buy.

So, coming back to autonomous vehicles, data from these sensors is increasing exponentially, being used by AI to learn and improve its ability to drive safely.

That day is not so far when an autonomous taxi will pick you up from your home or office.

5. AI in cinema and bot writers.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Written and directed by AI.

Yes! you got it right. Artificial Intelligence has already started working as a storyteller. To know how it’s happening, we must know Benjamin.

Who is Benjamin? or what is Benjamin?

Benjamin is an artificial intelligence program that writes screenplays, a digital brainchild of two creative and accomplished humans, Oscar Sharp, a Bafta-award-winning director, and Ross Goodwin, a tech artist. Now, you must be thinking what is a tech artist, well! an artist who uses code to make different forms of art.

Benjamin uses the deep learning language model, it’s a lot like a more sophisticated version of auto-complete that we often use on our smartphones. You feed Benjamin with a large number of screenplays and Benjamin will use it to find some statistical pattern and in turn, can give you some new awesome screenplays.

Oscar and Goodwin have already produced 3 movies written by Benjamin. Sunspring, It’s No Game, and Zone Out are 3 AI-written movies you can watch on YouTube.

In the coming days, it may become hard for us to figure out if the movie we are watching is an original or an AI movie.

Final Thoughts

Although the technology is named Artificial Intelligence (AI), It is more accurate to call it Artificial Learning (AL). Our society often mistakes intelligence with learning, our aptitudes to learn are often recognized as our intelligence.

This is a huge problem!

Artificial intelligence is mimicked using a computerized neural network (an artificial model of a human neural network) using algorithms like machine learning & deep learning. AI is the stimulation of the human brain which learns using data produced by human intelligence.

AI can never introduce or produce something entirely new, it can never invent because it requires human imagination. But it can discover something out of what humans have already done, that is by going through a set of data millions of times, and finding patterns that humans couldn’t find. AI can use those different pieces from multiple data sets to create something that humans may have failed to figure out.

New ideas require imagination, which is an entirely different dimension than being able to learn or being intelligent, and AI lacks here.

AI can be used to aid humans by increasing their potential in some ways or maybe sometime in the future, it can do everything humans can do but it will always lack the complexity of a human brain, thought process, intuitive capabilities, and imagination.

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